PAMS Time & Attendance

A Fully Integrated Web based Enterprise Time Attendance & Leave Management Application with any Access Control Systems

The PAMS Time and Attendance system provides improved efficiency, accuracy and productivity to the resource management and pay-roll process of the organizations.

This system has the roster management module inbuilt and integrates with the time & attendance and access control hardware systems to provide attendance, late clocking exceptions, overtime information of employees to the HR, Payroll and their respective departments.

Enterprise Level

  • Multi-lingual (Indic, Arabic and Latin)
  • Multi-calendar (Gregorian/Persian/Jalali/Hijri/Nepali etc)
  • Can handle Multi Units and Location
  • Web based Server
  • Centralized Database Server
  • Unlimited User
  • Multiple Role so each employee can have different Menus and Views
  • Multiple ways to provide input apart from standard
    1. Web Browser input using PAMS,
    2. Windows based input using Pluto Marker for Desktop,
    3. Android or iOS based input using Pluto for Mobile getting current location using GPS
    4. Direct Access input when in Office using Pluto WIFI (in the range of Office WIFI instead of Biometric mainly for Management)
  • Shift Management
  • Role Management
  • Leave Management
  • Compensatory Off
  • Hourly Groups
  • Numerous Reports
  • Single Platform for all PAMS Products – T&A, Visitor Management, Canteen Management etc

Product Versions


  • Basic time integration with
    standard ERP systems



  • Company Details
  • Department Details
  • Employee Details
  • Shift and Roster
  • Attendance Feature
  • Attendance Reports
  • Single Role
  • Single Site/Unit
  • Up to 100 users


  • Basic Plus
  • Role Management
  • Leave Management
  • Team Management
  • Project Management
  • Skill Management
  • Work Area Productivity
  • Feedback
  • Bulletin
  • Email Alerts
  • Many more reports including Business Analytics
  • Up to 500 users
  • Full features for Single Site/Unit


  • All Features
  • Unlimited users
  • Full features for large Enterprise – Multiple Site/Units