PAMS Canteen Meal Management

A Fully Integrated Web based Enterprise Canteen Meal Management Application with Access Control Systems
  • The web based PA Canteen Management system provides improved efficiency and accuracy in managing the office canteen’s day to day operations and simplifies the accounts of individual employees.
  • Company attendance Swipe Cards can be used for this system.
  • This software produces consumption and cost of each employee. Employee can also see their current consumption.
  • The System accounts for the consumption and cost and generates daily, periodically and monthly reports of at Company level, Unit Level, Department and Project levels. This also assists in managing the Canteen Vendor.


  • Supports Biometric, Active and Passive RFID tags
  • Existing Access control cards infrastructure can be used
  • Compatible with Tablets and Smart phones
  • Single Sign on with all PACS products
  • Bulletin Board
  • Multiple Units / multi location Offices
  • Integrated with PAMS Time and Attendance and Visitor Management
  • Holidays, Leaves & Travel Management and Processing
  • Prevent food wastage
  • Integration with multiple access control systems
  • Project Area wise processing and reports
  • Helps in resource/raw material planning for canteen vendors
  • Secure and speedy transactions
  • Reduce administrative work
  • Eliminates human error in accounting
  • Increase efficiency by speeding up the overall process
  • Reports for quick interpretation of consumption
  • Increase user’s satisfaction
  • Feedback System
  • Control Meal Time and Access to Individual Employee

Product Versions


  • žUp to 500 users
  • Full features for Single Site/Unit


  • žUnlimited users
  • žFull features for large Enterprise – Multiple Site/Units
  • Business Analytics